apem-sas by CIRA Technologie.
The solution for cleanroom automation, interlocking, decontamination cycle management, and other critical features in controlled atmosphere environments.

With over 25 years of experience in the field of automation, CIRA Technologie has developed a pre-wired automated system for the management and monitoring of cleanrooms.



The apem-sas solution


apem-sas is a unique automation solution based on control units that seamlessly incorporate all the functions required for cleanroom management, including interlocking, decontamination cycle control, and system monitoring.

Discover the undeniable advantages of this pre-programmed, comprehensive, and scalable solution for the governance of your controlled atmosphere spaces.


Explore the solution

La solution apem-sas

apem-sas technology

One control unit, control panels, control and data monitoring software… Discover the ingenuity of the technology and the components of the apem-sas solution!


apem-sas technology

La technologie apem-sas

Nothing but benefits in choosing apem-sas

Solution complète

A comprehensive solution contained within a single unit

Fonctionnalités à activer selon vos besoins

Features that can be activated according to your needs

Monitoring précis

Precise monitoring through supervision software

Service R&D dédié

Dedicated R&D support, guaranteed maintenance

Système évolutif

An adaptable system

According to your business sector

Regardless of your business sector, whether you are a cleanroom or industrial building constructor, a design professional in an engineering firm, Apem Sas adapts to your needs and optimizes your facilities.

Your business sector

Laboratoires et salles blanches Laboratories and cleanrooms
Bureaux d'études Engineering offices
Constructeurs salles blanches Cleanroom constructors
Industries Industries
CIRA Technologie

By CIRA Technologie

For over 25 years, CIRA Technologie has positioned itself as a leader in environmental management systems (HVAC, air conditioning, heating, interlocking, decontamination, environment monitoring).

Specializing in controlled atmospheres (in the fields of pharmaceuticals, medical, laboratories, cleanrooms, data centers), CIRA Technologie has developed its own solution to address the growing technical challenges of cleanroom management: apem-sas, recognized for its reliability.


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